Tasha Layton Announces Birth Of New Baby

Christian recording artist Tasha Layton announced on social media that her baby Lyla Mazie Smith arrived on Sunday, February 9th at 530pm. Tasha shared that there was a lot of significant things about her daughter’s birth.

“#1 God heals for good! We had no doubt that when God healed Keith’s infertility and gave us Levi that he would do it again! (Do a youtube search for ‘Keith and Tasha’s hope story’ for more on that!)” Tasha posted.

#2 Levi’s birth was traumatic. 30 hours of labor and 3 1/2 hours of pushing left me with some emotional PTSD that I know was in need of redemption. With Lyla my water broke on its own without being induced. I labored for 15 hours and pushed for only 12 minutes!! My epidural didn’t take so I ended up with the natural birth I wanted (but feared) all along. THIS[…]

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