Spoken Word Artist Egypt Speaks to Release New Album ‘Wanderer’ June 14

Spoken Word Artist Egypt Speaks has announced the release of her new album Wanderer which is set to drop June 14th. The three time Kingdom Image Award Nominee shared the news along with a music video for the record’s title track with the promise that the release would be not just honest, but vulnerable. ” I think that every artist wants their work the be seen as honest,” the now 20-year-old poet explained. “I’ve just noticed that there seems to be a line between being honest, and being vulnerable and this record addresses that issue.”

Her latest single, “Don’t Meet Your Heroes,” released last Thursday afternoon, follows the the disenchantment with the reality that each person’s journey may not be as wonderful as it can be made out to be. “The poem itself is about what happens when our heroes, our hopes, our desires are not what we thought[…]

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