Unhelpful Tips for Managing Stress


Our most unhelpful tips for stress (during stress awareness month) as written by your Morning Team….

  1. Write down all the things that frustrate you at home and post the list up on the wall near the family chore list or anywhere else it will never be read.
  2. Get some exercise… by running as far far away from yard work as you can.
  3. If your job has you down, apply for another one. In fact Jeremiah fires Producer Brady pretty much once a day, so depending on the time of morning, you might be able to apply for Brady’s job! It involves making cold coffee and pushing all the wrong buttons
  4. Avoid obvious triggers like evening news, texts from work, the readout on the bathroom scale and husbands.
  5. Make a warm bath, then leave it empty and go relax somewhere else with a good book. you will confuse and throw of the kids! They’ll really lose the scent of your trail if you include a bath bomb in your decoy bath.
  6. Tell your mom to quit spoiling your kids and stop sending them home every Saturday without any naps, candy in the pockets and missing shoes because it seems like she’s trying to pay me back for something… oh wait, was that one too specific?!
  7. Two words… coffee. Or is that three words? Sorry, I haven’t had any yet.
  8. Jeremiah personally decided to learn how to manage stress better by reading a chapter a day of the Bible… today he started with 1 Corinthians 1 – but just the chapter title part – He’ll read the actual paragraphs another day.
  9. You can threaten to hold our breathe, stomp  your feet and throw a fit until someone condemns you to your room for a nap – hey it works for the kids!

-St. James & Team 🙂