Unexpected Bylaws of Parenting

We were asked by a young couple for some advise on being new parents… Rather than give them the cliche responses, we wanted to think of some unexpected consequences to parenting you just dont know about until you experience it.  Things you signed up for without realizing it…  We proposed this to you and you helped fill in the list!

  • Thou shalt never watch a new movie in the theater again… you must see it 6 months later on DVD
  • Thou shall not eat a hot meal with in the first 5 years.
  • Thou shall never again use the bathroom alone
  • Thou shall not ever sleep in again
  • Thou shall not take a sick day again
  • Thou shalt do more loads of laundry than you take breathes!
  • Thou shalt expect at least 50% of every meal WILL end up on the floor. Accept it.

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