Trending: Triangle Dance

Hey, check it out… A fun new way to injure yourself and your friends!

This video was one of the top trending things on YouTube overnight.  It’s three people teaching you how to do “The Triangle Dance”. Its actually a great workout for the kids!

It takes three people to do it . . . and you start by forming a triangle with your hands on each other’s shoulders.  Then one of you jumps between the other two, and while you’re there, the other two hop to either side of you.

Then you return to your original positions and take turns jumping into the middle.  You have to see it to understand, but it looks like fun.  For about a minute.

I thought about learning this… but then I remembered, as soon as I do and get it right… my kids will no longer think its “cool”. So I’ll save myself the effort and skip right to that part.  -St. James