Toddler Locks iPad for 47 years

Tablets are not for toddlers.

A dad who gave his toddler his new iPad learned a very important lesson… Tablets are not for toddlers! After only a short while, his son managed to lock him out of the iPad for 25 and a half million minutes!

So dad took to social media for help and the internet was as unhelpful and hilarious as could be expected.

‘I would just wait it out,’ one advised. ‘Time travel seems to be your best bet,’ said another. Or alternatively, someone wrote that he should: ‘Make it a gift for the kid’s 50th birthday. It should unlock by then.’

“I would just wait it out.”

“It seems time travel is your only solution.”

“Make it a gift for your kid’s 50th birthday. It should unlock by then.”

“Reboot your 3 y.o.”

“Put it in a bag of rice.”

“Sell it on Ebay. NEW! Only used once!”

“People are so impatient these days!”

“I just buy a new iPad every time i forget my passcode. Memory loss is an expensive problem.”


Thankfully, Apple is prepared for this and had a way to reset (and unfortunately erase) his iPad to factory settings.

Problem solved and lesson learned.