My wife and I (St. James) just sent in our DNA swabs last week, only to find out this week that the results we receive may actually be “updated” anyway – which makes them not at all “results”, right?!  Turns out it all might just be one big GUESS.

Ancestry just announced that with all the data they have now (meaning far more samples than they started with), they’ve been able to really “refine their results”, wich means they can take a better GUESS… Ugh!  They can narrow down your DNA even better than before, and they’ll be sending all of us those results soon.

But it also means the results we originally got might change.  Like, you might’ve thought you were part Viking because they estimated you were 9% Scandinavian.  Well now, maybe they figured out that DNA was actually from England. A guess.

A spokesperson from Ancestry says they gave people warnings this could happen . . . they say that their results are an ESTIMATE that can change as more data comes in.

But people still aren’t very happy with it – including this guy.

-St. James