National “Change Your Password Day” – Feb 1

Today is national Change  Your Password day

…reminding us all of the vital importance of updating accounts regularly.  According to Microsoft Research, the average American has only 2.5 passwords in use. On top of that, they found that we tend to use the same password on 6.9 websites.

Just last month, Jeremiah St. James touched on identity theft on-air and quoted major news stories that indicated 2.2 BILLION usernames/passwords had been stolen recently and are still available in the dark web. Another 4.4 Billion passwords were stolen in 2016 alone! (News story here) There are services that can “help” determine if any of your accounts are on the list, however it is not an exact science.  Experts recommend we make a habit of changing passwords at least a couple times a year and NEVER duplicate passwords for vital websites like banking and finance!

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