LIES we believed as children

Being a parent is tough.  So sometimes they have to employ a few questionable parenting techniques by telling kids things that aren’t exactly 100% true, but 200% effective! We asked YOU what you were told as a child, or what you told your children to get them to behave and you did not disappoint!

  • “My mom didn’t want us to eat food in bed, so she told us that if we ate while lying down we’d turn into snakes.”
  • “My parents didn’t want us eating too many sweets, so they convinced us that ice was dessert. Ice!
  • “My parents told me that I couldn’t play outside after dark because bats would try to grab my hair.”
  • “My mom lied to me and said if the ice cream truck played music, they were actually out of ice cream.”
  • “My mom told me that if I fell asleep with headphones in, my ears would explode.”
  • “My mom used to tell us that she knew when my brothers and I were lying by looking at our tongues because purple spots would appear that only grownups could see.”
  • “When I was a kid I accidentally swallowed a watermelon seed, so my mom said a watermelon was going to grow inside me. I believed her for years.”
  • “My mom told me it was illegal to see a movie at the movie theater more than once.”
  • “I guess I liked playing with the light switch as a kid because my parents lied and said that flicking the lights on and off would signal for help and the police would show up at our house.”
  • “My parents used to tell us they were going to take us back to the kids store when we misbehaved. They even pointed to a random warehouse and said ‘that’s the kids store’ when we were driving home so we knew it was a real place.”
  • “When I was little, my dad said eggnog was made out of eggs and chicken brains (hence the nog). He tried to gross me out so he wouldn’t have to buy it.”
  • “My father told me that leaves didn’t fall off the trees… they jumped to avoid squirrels.”
  • “My dad told me that the hazard lights button in the car was actually an eject button, and if I pushed it the seat would shoot me out of the car.”
  • “My dad told me it was illegal to move the air vents in the car. I believed him until I started driving.”
  • “My dad told me that crust was the healthiest part of the bread. I always thought my classmates were weak for eating Uncrustables. I believed this until high school.”
  • “Gum stays in your digestive tract for 7 years”
  • “That it was illegal to turn the interior cab lights on in the car at night!”
  • “You will become sterile sitting close to the TV”