Burger King Has Unlimited Coffee Subscriptions for $5 a Month

Is the mud water from the drive-thru really any good to begin with?  And if not, would you still drink mud water if it was super cheap?  On Friday, Burger King launched a new subscription service where you can get one small cup of coffee a day for $5 a month.

Drive-thru coffee (fast food, not cafe’s) usually costs a buck.  So you’d have to use it at least five times a month before it’s worth it.  But if you did it every day, you’d only be paying 17 cents a cup.  Although, they’re obviously hoping you’ll buy food too.

But of course, there is a CATCH to this “unlimited” coffee subscription. Its not actually unlimited at all. You are limited to one super small coffee per day. If you go back the same day, apparently you’d have to pay full price. So its more like the limited-unlimited-restrictions apply-we hope you cant count-subscription.

If you’re hitting Starbucks every day, I suppose you could save a lot, that is if you can down the mud water!

-St. James