10-Second Sermons

Share YOUR 10-Second Sermon…

Share what you learned in your weekend service and give your church some props on the radio for the entire Columbia Basin to hear!

How to share

Simply be prepared to summarize the last sermon you heard in 10 seconds or less. This is basically two to three sentences (doesn’t have to be exact).  Be sure to state your name and what church your summary is from so they get some props on air!  🙂

Live or recorded… you choose

A little nervous?! That’s okay. You have two options. If you’d like to share your 10-Second Sermon live on Monday mornings, call the broadcast studio at 509-222-9570 from 6a-10a to share live with Jeremiah St. James.

However, if you’re not into going live, no problem. At any time, you can call 509-222-9570 and record your summary as a voicemail. We’ll capture the audio, edit it (so you sound amazing) and air it the very next Monday morning.


Contact the studio: studio@shine957.com and we’d be happy to help!

I want a copy of my experience on air!

No problem, we publish all 10 Second Sermons including the original broadcast audio online. You can use the links below to replay and share on social media 🙂

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Example of a previous 10-Second Sermon broadcast