Craftsman Fills Your Cabinets

Craftsman Cabinets in Richland wants to fill the cabinets of those in need this Christmas! Nominate a deserving person or family below for over $300 in groceries. Those selected will be announced at 8am with St. James in the Morning on Shine 95.7!


The Craftsman Cabinet family will be selecting one nominee on Friday mornings and sharing them on-air with Jeremiah St. James just after 8 AM.  Those who are selected will be contacted by the Craftsman Cabinet family by phone to discuss specifics to ensure nutrition and specific dietary needs are met for their home. Needs may include groceries and/or general household goods worth at least $300. 

Nominees will be announced on December 7, 14 and 21 after 8am on Shine 95.7



  • First, tell us who you are...

  • So we can reach out to you regarding the nomination.
  • Second, tell us about the person/family you are nominating:

  • If a family, please input the Head of Household for the family unit.
  • If selected, they will be contacted for further instructions.
  • Please provide their full mailing address
  • Include all adults and children living in the same residence identified above.
  • Third, tell us in your words why they should be selected...

  • Please provide the story/background on the nominee above (within reason and permission of course) and why they should be selected to have their cabinets filled for Christmas by Craftsman Cabinets.
  • We will also confirm these details with he family that is selected to ensure their shelves are filled with the best and most appropriate goods.

Nominees will be contacted and confirmed that they agree to be nominated and have their nomination, name, photos/videos associated with the giveaway, story and winnings made public on the radio, social media and future promotional assets.  KKSR contest rules apply – view them here.


Craftsman is a local family-owned business in Richland supporting cabinet and flooring projects for over 45 years. Visit Craftsman online

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